Paris-A City of Light

More about Paris to come, but I thought I would share some favorite recent “blogspotting” searches of mine that are très Parisienne in their likeness:

Lauren Conrad:

Un livre de recettes à


Macarons à Paris: (Ladurée, Pierre Hermé)

Mon petit déjuener:

A reminder of the amazing god of a man that we saw in the Métro once last semester (Francine, Courtney et moi). Reminds me of Tessa too with the appropo nail colour as well. I bet she would be able to tell me the exact colour. (:

(In honor of all the hype around le coup de foudre de Princess Charlotte de Monaco-sa grandmère était Grace Kelly)

Very Parisienne:

Un autre photo de Tour Eiffel (Yes, I am obsessed, I am allowed to be!):

Finalement, a pure Parisienne photo, posted by Tessa. Now how do I look like that-more ballet and yoga-s’il vous plaît :

Bonne nuit tout le monde!