Songs, Movies, and Jean Dujardin

I mean really right now, you cannot get away from that guy if you tried. He’s everywhere, stalking my life in Paris.

First here…..

Isn’t the dog the best part?!

Uggie is so frickin’ adorable and reminds of Tiffany (which makes me miss home and these two very much)

Obviously they didn’t know that I was screen-shoting them while we were Skyping and yes, that is my French homework in the background. I will give you a lot of props if you can read it and translate the bits that you can see without using Google Translate.

But back to my point, you are simply not French if you do not love Jean Dujardin right now, it’s kind of Kate Middleton (oh I’m sorry Duchess Catherine Middleton) in England, you either love her or you’re going to the Tower (Anne Boleyn style).

(BTW—> check out this blog-I love Kate Middleton, but even I find these photos quite hilarious….now I just to show it to my mom who is slightly obsessed with the Royal Couple….just slightly…)

So….as I was saying before, liking Jean Dujardin right now is like being obsessed with Kate Middleton or French chocolate (aka the best thing ever!), but it’s a basic part of my life now. We watched a spoof secret agent comedy of his on TV this past week and his movie “Les Infideles” is completely full in cinemas and the ads are following me everywhere. And I literally mean everywhere, that’s the one thing about Europe, I never really watch television here but when I do, the advertisements are for food and the like, but everywhere you walk is a movie poster, and it’s the same five movies everywhere that you see. So it kind of forces to go and see the movie because you are so tired at that point to even fight against that movie that has been haunting you for the past two weeks in all of the Métro stations in Paris.

I’ll see it eventually, but Léa, my French “sister” told me that it will be sold out for a while, so I will wait like everyone else and rent some movies….

like “Arthur” (the original from 1981, heard the  Christopher Cross song in a restaurant in Arles, bought the song, now I want to rent it and watch it again because it reminds me of my Mom)

“Hugo” —> heard its adorable and very much a delight to watch

“Cafe de Flore”: Vanessa Paradis, I want to see it just for that reason and its in French)–> le ultimate point of this whole semester

“Sound of Music”: How could I not? It’s my comfort film and I’m here in Europe after all.

Currently watching “Father of the Bride”: ALL THE TIME, I never could tire of that movie, I just put it on in the background and listen most of the time while I’m doing other things and now I know every word (but I am not one of those people that if we were to watch the movie together that I would say all the lines out loud at the same time as the movie)

I just say them in my head….

Happy March everyone! And go eat your pancakes if you didn’t already-apparently February 29th this year was National Pancake Day and 24-hour Disneyland day,  that sucks that I missed them. Oh well, this weekend somehow involves making breakfast goods of a yummy nature….and trying to think of trips and when to go to EuroDisney like the tourist that I am. Now to make both you and me drool over breakfast food that just isn’t the same here in France. Although we do have crêpes,…..hmmm which one is better 

Crêpes or Pancakes?



Here’s to a fantastic Friday everyone!


just blink once and it’s March!

Frankily, I think every day about what my life is supposed to be like in the future, all the steps that I have taken and experiences that life has put me through. I cannot help but feel a smile come across my face whenever I look back into the past. I know that we make things seem glossy and pretty when we think about the past as if everything was perfect and we were “supposed” to experience that horrible or wonderful thing for some “amazingly profound” reason. But hey if I think this way…It can only make life that much better. 


That’s the very sad view that I “had” to look at while running this week…isn’t that awful?<— (;

Thanks iPhone for letting me take ridiculously cool pictures while I’m running. Speaking of….

I ran tonight with my French host family, the Madame, and my “french sister”<—that’s what I like to call her. And it was awesome, the best (one of the best experiences that I have had while living here. The night is perfect for running in Paris (oh my gosh, enough already), but it’s so true. I was grinning like a dumb fool the entire time, I wonder if my French family thinks I am on happy pills sometimes because if I don’t say anything for a little bit I just smile and think about how much I am enjoying myself right now. But it was wonderful and we ran 9 km. Booyah for running like 40 km this week! My calves feel like the Hulk right now, but I am cloud nine right now. 


And we took some adorable pictures together underneath the Eiffel Tower, just like tourists should (:


I feel like such a bad….blank for running with my Marathon (5 time!) running Madame, who will be running the Paris Marathon in April. Which I will be here for, so that I can run the beginning as well<—so siked! (really way tooo excited for all this business—thank you to all those blogs that I love to read, Runner’s World Magazine, and Forrest Gump. Yes if Forrest Gump can run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours, then I can continue to train and eventually run a 1/2 and full marathon one day). 

I must say that it is much better sometimes to:

A) Run with a partner (or in my case–>two)

B) Give yourself some space from the music and the iPod

C) Run in PARIS at night (Ridiculous-absolutely indescribable)

Ok, I’ll stop now and actually finish my French homework for tomorrow. (:


My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” 

 -Forrest Gump