Just do it!

To make this semester, and this entire year abroad, a full circle, I chose today to look back at the some of the amazing opportunities, memories, and events that I have had the privilege to be a part of.

And with this being a day of great reflection, I wanted to make this an opportunity for myself to improve upon the person that I strive to be everyday.

It is no longer a matter of saying the things that I want to do, to become, but actually taking the moment to live them out. To take that extra step and really make these days count. There is a glass half full and I am only choosing to see it this way.

To see it any other way would be to miss a grand opportunity, a chance to do or see something truly extraordinary. As of late, the newness of being here has faded away and my class schedule sometime seems like a killer, but it’s really not all that bad. Whatever way I want to see it is how these next months until JUNE are going to play out.

-A list of ordinary pleasures-

(that I consider essential to a complete experience of Paris):

 1) Order a croissant and/or pain au chocolat —at Poilane, perhaps ( I know-it’s been a month, I must be somewhat crazy to have not eaten one yet)

2) Try a religeuese (look it up, they look delicious!!)

3) An eclair (um, yum!)

4) Have brunch at Laduree (Courtney’s recommendation)

5) Relive the Fall semestre and enjoy a meal on top of the Eiffel Tower

6) Run in the Jardin du Luxembourg

7) See the Cezanne exhibit at the Musee du Luxembourg

8) Fully explore the Louvre

9) The Musee d’Orsay

10) The Museum of Romantic Life

11) Eat a crêpe in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

12) Sit outside on a sunny day in a sidewalk café

13) Go see Montmatre and Sacre Coeur

14) Eat lunch at Colette

15) Travel France

16) Visit Bruges and Brussels

17) Explore a hidden garden or passageway

18) Go, shop, and attend an outdoor food/antique market

19) Attend Mass at a Different Cathedral once a week

20) Shop-just Shop period, because if you don’t buy anything, it’s really fun to “window shop” in Paris

21) Get a Parisian haircut

22) Picnic outdoors (when it’s warmer!)

23) Attend a new museum exhibit once/twice a week

24) See a film/movie (French and Non-French) once per week

25) Eat lots of good food and keep trying new places in Paris.

Bonus: 26) Start acting like a tourist again and take a ton of pictures….everywhere 😉  (why not?)

27) Schedule a trip to Italy (hahaha I wish!)

yup, this is what made my day all better



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