I’m trying not to care

I’m trying not to care, but I do. I still worry about the same things as I do all the time, but everything, especially being here in Paris, is a little muddled right now. Right now though, I am simply contemplating the decision to either face plant it into bed or organize my computer, life and email for another hour after today was a very successful day on the homework front since I had a little dental disaster…..more to come on that later. I just want it all to be over and then I think I can calmly rationalize the situation a little bit. Tomorrow….tomorrow. I suggested to Christine that after my appointment tomorrow that we go and get smoothies, so nothing is too hard on “tooth”…and surprisingly we found a really cool “underground” smoothie place in Paris. NO english was used on the website woo! (that means its truly “authentic” in my mind at least)

Trying to think about attempting a run before school tomorrow but if that doesn’t happen in the morning, I have to go think about this all in the evening.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue picturing my life looking like this in my Burberry jacket, strolling along the streets of Paris, with a perfectly coiffed, yet messy bun. Thank you, Tessa.

photo 1, photo 2


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