The Post That Almost Never Happened

” target=”_blank”>First Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year, it makes everyone more spirited and I truly love seeing men running around Paris today with roses and the very loooong line that I waited in at Pierre Hermé was all due to the hysteria that this day creates.

In my mind, it doesn’t matter if you are single or attached, just give someone you love a hug or a kiss, and send them your words of love! This is such a great day to tell your friends and family how much they truly mean to you!

Well, its been 27 days now that I’ve been living in Paris, and my blog has covered about 2 of those 27 days! Nuts! I have been completely overwhelmed with all of these new changes, a real class schedule (aka not the “play schedule” that my sisters claimed that I had in London last semester), and a language that dominates every aspect of my life except some text messages, my normal thoughts and musings, and my Skype talks with my mom. Those number about 2 at this point, luckily we have international texting to actually talk to each other.

Way too much stuff to catch up…but I am going to try my very best, for my own health and sanity’s sake, and to really document my life à Paris.

And in celebration of Valentine’s Day….hop on over to LC’s blog so that you can pick a classic chick flick to watch (“Favorite Chick Flicks”) or make me more jealous if you are in America right now and go see “The Vow.” It doesn’t come out until 16 Mai 2012 here in Paris and of course, it’s French titre is “Je te promets.”

I hope it’s a good one if I have to wait that long! Now, I’m trying to go to sleep while watching a Valentine’s Day tradition “Sleepless in Seattle.” I think that it’s one of those movies that I could watch a million times and never get sick of it. I love that about movies. And I can personally quote this entire scene at many a family dinner, it never get old. If you haven’t seen this movie<<—–highly recommend it. Its YOH (you’ll get it soon, if you don’t already).

“Sleepless in Seattle”


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