Bistrot du Coin

Our programme took us to a quaint dinner bistrot near our school for our Welcome Dinner and a first traditional meal for many of us myself included.

An aubergine, tomato, and vegetarian petite tarte. C’est très bien!

Aubergine is just the fancy European way of saying “eggplant.”

For the main entrée, I chose some traditional French cuisine from the Burgundy province of France, “beef bourguignon”, which I was sort of liked, but because the beef here is cooked way less than it is the States or even in England, I was glad the tarte had been such a good appetizer for me. Per usual form for me, I lost my phone for a little bit between the first course and the dessert course, so no pictures of the main entrée. The courses are very important to the French, so we were all served three petit courses throughout the evening.

And of course…. dessert was the best part! Everyone tasted a little bit of the different desserts on the table! There were incroyable and we could not even get close to finishing them all! The first picture is tarte aux pommes with vanilla ice cream.

A chocolate molten cake served raspberry coulis that was to die for! And I chose something that I have always wanted to try…

Profiteroles!! They were covered with a chocolate sauce, sliced almonds, whipped cream, and inside was vanilla ice cream surrounded by extra hot pastry dough in a ball shape. They were incredible and they served many that night. How could not resist that?!

Checked that off my list of things to try in my lifetime!

When all was said and done, we were so grateful for all the hospitality that our programme provided us with and made sure to thank our directors before heading out for the night for a little taste of French wine at a little place that was still open at that hour in the Bastille. It was first glass of rosé, and then I was cold and we were a little lost before we made it back to the hotel for the rest of the night.

And then I realized that I lost one of my beloved scarves from Tessa in that little bistrot, so it was an adventure during that week to be able to find that little bistrot where we ate again and retrieve my scarf! Fingers crossed that I don’t lose anything more during this trip!

Bonne nuit!


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