I wasn’t expecting…

I really was not expecting how difficult this whole experience would be for me. Bien sûr, it is wonderfully difficult, mais, it is quite hard not seeing the end result of all of this. So many hurdles to get through and anyone that knows me well, knows that I like planned out details, not the ones that just seem to be pop up whenever they want to. But I have to face the fears to eventually become the best person that I am truly capable of being. If that means struggling with French for now, so be it.

However, I do notice that I am improving in the short amount of time that I have been here, and on the positive side of things as well, I am running faster than I did back at home, back into my London running routine (maybe its that Eiffel Tower that I have to look at in the distance-key motivation pour moi) and the people in my programme are very nice as well. I had to remember that this was a different group from my London friends and that they are going to want to do different things and appreciate certain things while I see things from a different perspective. Just the same as last time, except that I am learning it much faster this time, which is much to my benefit. And appreciating the situation and the different people for who they are will make this entire semestre so incredibly fantastique! I really love how much everyone truly appreciates this city already and French culture, although they are  just USC juniors, they are already very mature and ready to take on the challenges of this semestre. Heck! They are better at dealing with some things better than I am and I have been able to calm down my talk about last semester in London because I don’t want to annoy them too much!

Leaving off from Thursday night, the longest day of my entire life so far and a supermarché dinner from Monoprix. My sleep was quite restless again and after one unrestful night in an actual bed (as opposed to a plane seat), I was experiencing a constant headache, but hey! who really cares when Paris is at your feet? That morning we were served a traditional European breakfast at our hotel, with the typical croissants, chocolate croissants, yogurt, cereal, lait, pineapple chunks, compote (see I told you that it was very popular here!), ham, butter, slices of cheese, bread, mini crêpes with choices of confiture, beurre, NUTELLA, and honey (miel en français). To drink a carafe of water, choices of café from the machine and juices. Of course, these were all choices, we certainly did not choose them all, but it was a difficult decision making process for three mornings in a row! So I made sure to mix things up every morning, even bringing my own fruit for some of the breakfasts as I love fruit for breakfast and that is not a very traditional component of their breakfast meals here in Europe. Who knew that one of the best breakfasts that you could have would be in a French hotel?! I mean last time with ACCENT London, the café au lait was fantastic, but really hmmm….I get hungry just thinking about it.

So you can drool too…here are a couple of pictures from Vicki’s blog from the same programme as me….

Although it’s been four days since I have last published a post, I am still in desperate need of sleep….ahhh my bed is very very comfortable and my head really hurts so more to come tomorrow on the last 10 days of Paris.

part time princess


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