Bienvenue à Paris!

Bienvenue en France!

Well it actually happened, I came to Paris for my second semester during my quatrième année in  university, after a fantastic semester pendant l’automne à Londres. It is still completely overwhelming, the people are different, but very beautiful and always in style no matter what they might be doing. Smoking un cigarette, drinking un café or even walking the streets de la Bastille where we are attending school for a part of the time as it is split between there and the Sorbonne! The time change and the almost two days of travel are still getting to me, although I was able to make a list of what has happened in the last 72 heures after saying au revoir to my family, friends, and dog back home.

  • I boarded a plane from LAX to Newark, flying then to Charles de Gaulle à Paris. (total trip time more than 15 hours).
  • Finished the Hunger Games Trilogy on the airplane-heartbreaking, but great series in the end!
  • After hardly any sleep on the plane, I lugged my two very big bags through two terminals and got my first french meal (Petit Déjeuner), un sandwich avec du poulet, des tomates et des legumes. Served with a double espresso which was quite needed as the next hours were spent waiting for the bus to take us to our hotel stay for the first three nights of our stay until we meet our host families.
  • We were received at the student center and ate a small snack of quiches, coca-cola light, orangina, et salades de légumes. Our directeur explained the basics of living in Paris and we soon were done with the meeting and went off to explore the Place de la Bastille. Walking along the Seine and then returning to grab a quick “supermarché” dîner de légumes et carottes râpées à Monoprix comme “Target” aux États-Unis. It was really yummy and I decided to food shop a little more à Franprix, comme Tesco pour mes amis de Londres. I looked at cheeses et yogurts, breakfast items, et fruits. C’est très interessante! I love exploring shopping, the gastronomy of each country that I hav e been in, and just trying to get as much done as possible!

That was the first 48 hours, although it felt like one really long day, but I really needed the sleep more anything after spending only a few minutes on the computer, looking at Katie’s blog à Firenze, et checking my email, I fell asleep at my computer…so it was time to shut down and cuddle with my Tiffany dog look-a-like from Harrods in London. À demain pour maintenant!

Des Ballerines d'Aeroport


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